About Granada

Granada is a city with a rich and important Islamic cultural legacy. Granada is in the heart of Al-Andalus, located in southeastern Spain between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range of the Iberian peninsula.

Fountain A View Overlooking Granada

With more than a thousand years of recorded history, Granada is famously known as the site of La Alhambra along with the historical Albaicín quarter and many other architectural and religious monuments.

Tarragona cathedral Image of La Alhambra

Near Granada
Granada is about 250km from Sevilla and easy to access by train, car and bus. Cordoba, another city with an important Islamic cultural legacy, is 2.5 hours away, while Madrid is located 4.5 hours away by express train. While Granada is near the Mediterranean coast city of Málaga (140km), it is also within 3 hours of Cadiz and the Gibraltrar Strait, Spain's maritime border with Morocco in North Africa. Each of these surrounding cities also share a rich Islamic history and important cultural and historical sites.

Plaza The Sierra Nevada at a Distance.

How to get to Granada

panoramic view of La Alhambra Mirador San Nicolas

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